Chatbots – communication 3.0

Asynchronous solutions are the future

Who did not experienced it? Unsatisfactory waiting in hotlines or consolation by email autoresponders. Time that you would rather use differently!

Fortunately, new opportunities for communication are increasingly entering the market that not only better pick up users, but also relieve the burden on providers - be they companies or authorities.

At the center of the development are solutions based on chat(bots), which can simplify communication and even improve the shopping experience! Chat communication is the key to new communication with constant availability, a mobile first approach and a user experience that is as pleasant as possible.

There are different solutions in the area of ​​chat communication, which are presented below.

Level 1 - Communikation via Live Chat

LiveChats have arrived in everyday life. Many websites offer this service via a small button (usually at the bottom right) on the page, which enables direct 1: 1 communication with an employee of the company. Regardless of whether it's support, delivery inquiries or billing questions - everything can be requested without much technical effort. A web or messenger chat is connected to a ticketing system in the backend.

Level 2 - Communikation via Chatbot

Employees are usually not available 24/7 and especially in times of high demand, a contact center with real employees is difficult to scale at short notice. Automated systems are available to minimize the pressure on employees in first-level support.

2.1 Conversational Landingpages

So-called conversational landing pages initially offer the user a very simple but precise way of obtaining information. Built on the contact page of a company, various topic areas can be created in advance and then further information can be mapped using a fictional storyline. The user has the option of running through the strands with buttons and can independently decide in which direction the dialog should lead.

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2.2 Click-Chatbot

If you want to offer guided dialogues for gathering information not only on a website, but above all on messenger systems such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or similar, a so-called click-chatbot is a very good option. The user is initially welcomed and then has extensive opportunities to obtain information independently. All forms of content are possible and e.g. frequently asked questions in crisis communication can be intercepted directly. In addition, all current click chatbot solutions offer the option of a “human takeover”. So the possibility that a user should get stuck at one point or have questions that go beyond first-level support can be led directly to a live chat with an employee. Provided that he contacts the company at times when employees are also available.

A classic solution in this area is, for example, the WhatsCorona chatbot, which helps to relieve authorities and the health system by answering many questions about the Corona virus directly.

Level 3 - Partly / fully automated customer communication

The supreme discipline of automated customer communication is the use of artificial intelligence. The self-learning dialog systems can be started by entering a question - whether on a website, in an app or in a messenger solution such as WhatsApp and Co.
The systems are built on complex algorithms and offer users better and better communication when questions arise. Thanks to the learning function, the system can answer more and more questions automatically within a very short time and, like a click chatbot, always has the option of human takeover as a fallback.

Level Future - cCommerce

If you look to the Far East, cCommerce is already pretty common. The Chinese equivalent of WhatsApp and Co. is called - WeChat.
A comprehensive platform app with which you can basically do everything that modern humans want to do. Regardless of whether you use the payment function when visiting restaurants, paying rent or even donating money to the needy - in China, a QR code and WeChat are enough to do money transactions. Credit cards are not accepted in large parts of the country - why(?) - WeChat does exist.
In addition, sub-apps can of course also be accessed within the app and individual online shops such as Amazon, Alibaba and Co. can be controlled. Table reservations, live chats, concert tickets, a cleaning lady, a dog hairdresser - everything available online can be ordered or ordered via WeChat.

If you look at the European market, there is currently no direct cCommerce alternative. Chatbots are currently possible, e.g. communicate via WhatsApp and at some point have a payment checkout link built in. However, this means that the user has to be directed out of the familiar WhatsApp environment into a browser and then has to go back to WhatsApp independently.

WhatsApp is working flat out on a format in which payment will be possible within WhatsApp. Providers like Facebook Messenger or Telegram also want to implement this option as quickly as possible.

As chatbot and digitization experts, we are happy to assist you - whether in an advisory capacity or actively in creating your individual solution. Just talk to us.